Welcome to Bodyfitness Gym with BLNutrition Ltd!

We are a fully kitted gym in Standish, Wigan, located directly across from the bus stop outside Lidl supermarket.

We strongly believe in fitness, and because of this approach, our gym contains absolutely everything you need to get you into incredible shape. We take a no-nonsense approach to fitness, and our memberships include free personal training, as well as nutrition and plateau advice, and we will help you in any and every way we can.

The Gym

We are not a ‘day Spa’, and we take exercise seriously (and we hope that you do too). Our gym is more like a underground fitness club and there’s nothing ‘fancy’ about us. We stock the very best equipment because our goal as a business is to get you results. If you want to loose weight we can help. If you want to get strong (ladies, this doesn’t mean you have to get big), then we can help. If you want to add a ton of muscle to your frame, we can help. Do you want to develop the elusive beach body that so many people aim for? We can help.

Body Fitness Gym is about results.


Cardio Training

Our Cardio equipment includes treadmills, stationary bikes, cross-trainers, kettlebells, floor space of bodyweight exercies, and we have a giant tyre outside (complete with sledgehammer). We also have a punchbag along with gloves, punch mitts and a Thai Boxing kick pad. You will never be short of quality cardio equipment with us.

Strength and Muscle

Our strength and muscle building kit is extensive, and almost of all it is built by Powerzone. This is hardcore equipment that’s built to last, and it works. We include all the barbell equipment you need, we have a massive selection of Dumbbells, and we basically have all the kit you will ever need to sculpt out your ideal body.

Your membership gets you access to all the heavy lift equipment such as the Squat Rack, Bench Press, Smith Machine, Cable Machine, and Leg Press – plus all the standard exercise machines like chest press, decline chest press, incline chest press, shoulder presses, ab-machine, standing calf-machine, seated calf machine, lat isolation machines etc, etc, etc.

For bodyweight exercises we have pull bars and a dip station, and we have a decline sit-up bench.

Whether you want to loose weight, sculpt your body, become incredibly strong, or simply keep yourself fit, we have everything you need.

Supplement Bar

We stock a variety of supplements and workout drinks to help you perform in the gym, and help in your recovery afterwards. We don’t serve high calorie meals and beverages that contain more calories than your workout like many other ‘gyms’ and ‘fitness spas’. We want to get you in great shape, not fatten you up.